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3D Printed Jigs & Fixtures

3D print your Tools, Jigs & Fixtures. Streamline and customize the production of your jigs and fixtures while achieving greater productivity and better ergonomics. 3D printing lets you iterate quickly to optimize your tool's design

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Boost Productivity & Reduce Costs
3D Printed Tools & Fixtures

Streamline your production plan by making new assembly fixtures in hours instead of weeks.3D printed tools, jigs, and fixtures by Cubein enable you to reduce the time and cost spent on traditional tooling. Simplify tooling manufacture and address the unmet needs throughout your production process.

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Tooling Applications
We Deliver Real Value to Manufacturers
Assembly Fixtures

FDM assembly fixtures streamline production because they're faster to make and easier to handle than heavier metal tools. They can be easily optimized for the specific task and the user's capabilities. FDM thermoplastics provide the durability while keeping the weight down.

Inspection Fixtures

3D Printed inspection fixtures like CMM tooling and go-no-go gauges streamline the production process because they're faster and less costly to produce than with traditional machining. This makes it easy to increase the number of inspection tools on the shop floor, enhancing the quality process.

End-of-Arm Tooling

3D printing technology provides a faster, more efficient way to make and modify robotic end-of-arm tools (EOAT), also known as end effectors. 3D printing's freedom from manufacturability constraints lets you optimize the design for the application.

Cut Costs For Increased Profitability

Additive manufacturing creates jigs and fixtures faster and at a lower cost than current manufacturing methods, without compromising on quality or performance. With quick turnarounds, part consolidation, and near labour-free production, 3D printed tools produce dramatic cost savings.

Enhanced Ergonomics. Faster Production.

Reduce costs and increase agility by bringing 3D printed Jigs & Fixtures

Reduce Your Development Cycle

Reduce your development cycle from months to weeks. It's easier than ever to fast-track the design cycle. And with developments in durable materials, you can continue to meet rigorous manufacturing requirements.

Ergonomics & Safety

Create strong, lightweight, easily customizable jigs and fixtures for applications, while enhancing ergonomics and operator safety.

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