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Product Design & Development

We create effective product experiences through design thinking.

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Product Engineering & Prototyping

We provide full design and engineering solution to make your ideas into reality. We develop innovative engineering concepts for complex design problems and explore solution space using QFD tools for evaluation. Our Skilled CAD personnel use appropriate tools to help shape the design into a tangible form. With the help of our state-of-the-art workshop, we deploy various prototyping techniques to build the final product. To ensure the product stands the test of time, we perform thorough CAE and simulations. This include predictive engineering by adopting FEA, static, dynamic, thermal and metal forming, Linear and Non Linear Static Structural Analysis, Dynamic Structural Analysis, Pressure Vessel Design, Drop Test, Fatigue Analysis, and Thermal Analysis. Our product engineering provides everything you need to move forward to production.

Make Digital Manufacturing Happen
Product Design & Engineering
Consumer Product Design
Consumer Product Design

We create innovative consumer product designs keeping in mind consumer's problems, needs, and wants. From concept to the market introduction with a set of tools and processes, we cover all the phases of product development, including manufacturing.

Industrial Product Design
Industrial Product Design

With Cubein's industrial experience and design expertise, including research, design, fabrication, and assembly of industrial systems; you can count on us. Our combination of design creativity, colour analysis, sheet metal engineering knowledge, human factors, and analysis capabilities, help you get recognition globally and achieve business success.

Medical Device Design
Medical Device Design

Cubein always tries to find or innovate new medical device technology and equipment in a manner that ensures maximum patient safety and product quality. Our designers do extensive research and have worked on numerous devices.

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a powerful way to create digital designs from a physical part, and can be a valuable tool in your prototyping toolkit. 3D Scanning is the process of capturing physical objects into precise digital computer aided (CAD) model for your object's geometry. This process will enable you to have a complete digital representation of your part, to be used reverse engineering efforts, and quality inspection at any point of a typical manufacturing cycle.

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering
Industrial product design Service

Short Run Manufacturing / Low Volume Production

Low-volume manufacturing is the ideal way for you to make enough volume to be sellable without creating an unsustainable burden of inventory. In addition, with optimized supply chains for low volumes, the lead times are short; with parts ready to go in a few days or weeks - not months. Thus, you'll have a quicker route to market. Another benefit of low-volume manufacturing is that it provides you with a way to scale up to an eventual full-scale production. That's why it's sometimes known as bridge production or bridge tooling. As volumes progressively increase, you have an opportunity to streamline best practices and achieve further cost savings, while improving product quality.

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