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Prove and perfect your designs in rigorous testing scenarios with tough 3D printed prototypes. Leverage high-strength 3D printing and tap into factors like usability, ergonomics, manufacturability & material testing with Functional Prototyping.

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On Demand Manufacturing
Functional Prototype Parts on Demand

Functional Prototyping enables you to test your designs before moving in to large scale manufacturing. With Cubein, you can get functional prototypes ready with minimal labour and lower costs. Iterate designs, reduce the lead time and get the products manufactured faster. Manufacturing processes can be explored using functional prototypes to determine part weight, assembly process, and overall manufacturability.

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Brilliant Prototypes Have No Limitations
We Help You Meet the Needs of Your Design Team
Concept Validation

Go beyond traditional work and CAD pictures with highly realistic 3D printed prototypes and gain early buy-in from customers and stakeholders before committing to costly production.

Fitment Check

Quickly check your design’s form and fit with mating parts using time-efficient, accurate 3D printed prototypes.

Functional Testing

Test your designs in the same environment as the production part. Engineering-grade thermoplastics and flexible materials give your prototypes functional capability under operational conditions.

Tangible Prototypes. Quick Decisions.

3D printing helps designers explore more concepts than traditional methods made possible. Designers using 3D Printing technologies can create 5 to 40 times more iterations during the detailed design phase of their process. You can prototype each alternative design to get a feel for it in real life, not just on a screen. Also, more design options mean better design decision.

Reduce Approval Time

Get quick feedback on the product

Faster Decisions. More Revenue.

With more realistic prototypes it becomes easier to communicate ideas with your customers. Better communication leads to quicker decision making – getting you to market faster – while still seeing the same number of design concepts. With Cubein, some customers have reduced the time they earlier spent on the process.

Make Idea A Reality

See your design, hold it, and improve it in real-time.

Get Closer To Final Product

Easily print and hold your CMF prototype earlier in the process while getting as close to the finished part as possible. 3D printing technology offers unmatched realism, accuracy, and materials. Move beyond the screen and produce prototypes in the exact shape and colour you want – and even mimic the materials and textural finish you envision. The result? Advance and refine your design sooner, leading to a better final product.

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