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Mass Manufacturing with Cubein

Mass-produce custom parts and goods with Cubein’s industrial 3D printing platform.

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Tap into Mass Manufacturing with Cubein

Access Cubein’s 3D printing solutions for single part as well as mass-custom manufacturing. Produce your desired goods without having to invest in production lines. Leverage our production expertise and accomplish your project effortlessly from start to finish.

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Injection Molding Dies

Injection Molding Machines are reliable, power-efficient, consistent, and provide trouble-free long-life operation with minimum maintenance costs. Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould. Material for the part is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and injected into a mould cavity, where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.

Injection Moulding Die Development
CNC Machining
CNC Machining

CNC milling is a specific form of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining. Milling itself is a machining process similar to both drilling and cutting, and can achieve many operations performed by cutting and drilling machines. It uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool.

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is a manufacturing process that can shape any piece of metal sheet. It is a complicated procedure that involves bending as well as shaping processes of different sheet metal techniques. We give a desired shape through material removal technique or material deformation technique. It can be used to seal all kinds of obscure and hollow shapes/sections. Equipments used for this process range from handy tools to highly gift-operated automatic machinery. To carry out sheet metal fabrication services, you need an expert. At Cubein, we take of all your needs and deliver services right on time.

Sheet Metal

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