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Timeless material meets limitless technology

Produce complex metal parts, products, and tools without the design constraints with Metal 3D printing. Rethink metal part design and produce products, components, and tools with reduced weight, increased functionalities, and simplified assemblies.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing
Metal 3D Printing

Design, test, and produce metal parts with Cubein's 3D printing expertise. Create lightweight parts with increased functionalities and simplified assemblies. Get freedom from design complexities and manufacture products that perform better than other means.

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End-to-End Metal AM Solutions
Rethink Metal Part Design with Cubein
Topology Optimization

Topology optimization is a next-generation tool that reduces the weight of an indicated space, taking into account the material properties and a fixed set of loads on the design space.

Conformal Cooling Channel for Mould & Die

Conformal cooling has the most significant effect on injection molds that are experiencing problems with warpage during production because of irregularities or imbalances in the cooling process.

Assembly Simplification

Additive manufacturing dramatically simplifies the process of creating custom complex parts. Because it doesn't rely on tooling or fixturing, 3D printing often allows users to print parts faster and at lower costs than machining.

Future of Manufacturing - Generative Design

Generative design replicates natural world's evolutionary approach to provide thousands of solutions to one engineering problem. Generative design leverages machine learning to mimic nature's evolutionary approach to design. Designers or engineers input design parameters (such as materials, size, and weight, strength, manufacturing methods, and cost constraints) into generative design software and the software explores all the possible combinations of a solution, quickly generating hundreds or even thousands of design options. From there, the designers or engineers can filter and select the outcomes to best meet their needs.

Reduce Cycle Time In Injection Molding

Conformal Cooling is the optimization of cooling or heating channels that follow the shape of the moulded part surface for productivity and quality improvements. Conformal Cooling inserts offer a solution to increased cycle times by reaching areas of the part that have hot or cold spots to help control part temperature during molding and minimize cooling time.

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