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3D Printed Patterns for foundry

Accelerate casting production timelines with high-quality 3D printed casting patterns. 3D print accurate casting master patterns for sand and wax patterns or investment casting to deliver faster production at a lower cost.

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Foundry Tool Solutions
3D Printed Casting Patterns

3D printing now offers a smart option for low volume investment and sand casting, bridge tooling and risk mitigation throughout design. Create castings with both sand and investment methods in combination with Cubein's 3D printed patterns to save costs and labour. We can help you produce patterns that can serve as a prototype in days instead of months.

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Prototype Casting
Unveil a new method of pattern making expanded to design freedom with Cubein
Tool-less Wax Patterns

Wax (or Castable Filament) foundry patterns are built layer-by-layer using the latest 3D-printers / rapid prototyping machines, eliminating the need for permanent wax injection dies to be produced. These 3D-printed wax patterns are then incorporated into the standard Investment Casting process.

Sand Casting Patterns

The fabrication of patterns to produce mold patterns can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. With Cubein, you can 3D print accurate casting master patterns for sand to deliver faster production at a lower cost than machining.

Prototype Casting

When it comes to developing your ideas, we've got the most effective prototyping casting options for your component. 3D printed patterns created in-house within hours and immediately processed further for short run casting.

Investment Casting

3D printed casting patterns offer a tool-free, fast, reliable, and accurate alternative to patterns created using tooling, reducing the costs of creating pattern by as much as 90%. It is produced in one-tenth of the time. With key 3D printing wax material that are fully industry-tested, your casting patterns can be competed in days or a couple of weeks, with little to no restriction on the size of the casted part.

Lead Time & Cost Saving

3D printed sacrificial tooling provides a simple, cost-effective alternative method

Sand Casting Patterns

Cubein's on-demand manufacturing offers rapid production of casting patterns from its production facilities worldwide. 3D printed sand casting patterns can be created quickly, and can deliver more complex parts than created with CNC Machining.

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