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Post Process

Treat your printed parts with Cubein’s post-processing services to enhance and refine your 3D printed parts.

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Optimize Your Post-Printing Processes

From removing support or excess material to washing, curing, sanding, polishing, painting, and colouring, Cubein provides you with all the post-processing services to produce a finished good.

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Surface Finishing Treatment

Layer lines or touch-points where support structure was attached to the model can be removed by carefully sanding the surface of the model, using sanding paper with varying grit from low to high for finishing. Sometimes chemicals are used to smoothen the model surface. The vapour react with the outer layer of the object. The layer lines are melted away, leaving a smooth outer layer while giving the model a glossy look.

Convert Your Prototype To Real Value Product

Parts that need colouring would ideally be printed using white material. Before the model is painted, a layer of primer is usually applied. Painting can be done manually using a brush or spray. There are machines that automate spraying of parts.

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