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Create Custom 3D Art

Create large-volume, complex scenic props and displays with Cubein. 3D printing empowers you to create giant, stunning props and scenic displays in a fraction of the time than every other creative construction technology.

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Marketing your Brand with Unique 3D Visual Props
3D Branding & Sculpture Fabrication

Unleash the possibilities of 3D art with Cubein and empower artists to think out of the box. Recreate identical 3D sculptures and achieve model precision. From museum exhibits to movie props and wall art dècor, add a special touch with 3D printing.

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Impress Your Customers, Win More Jobs
Differentiate Your Product with Unique 3D Branding
3D Props at Display & Selfie Point

Our 3D Artist take basic ideas and create life-sized (or much larger) interactive props that do more than just sending a message. Our impressive and growing portfolio of custom advertising props ranges from a huge 3D Big Mac to a Life-sized 3D Alien to a 3D Batman and so much more.

3D Billboards

Cubein creative 3D billboard execution will give viewers the idea that they can reach out and touch your advertisement. The viewer may be driving in the direction of your billboard, but your message is coming at them head-on. Whether by extending above and beyond the normal advertising space, we add a structure or feature to change the perspective of the viewer.

3D Printed Mold for Concrete Pre-Casting

3D-printed tooling is exactly the right solution for a job requiring high repeatability over many concrete pour. 3D-printed forms for precast concrete are proving to be more durable and better to support a large-scale renovation project.

Retail Design Space - Impress Your Customers, Win More Jobs

Expand your wide format print services and grow your business by offering mega-scale 3D printing for outstanding OOH advertising campaigns, in store marketing, and interactive 3D displays. Benefit from more than a hundred 3D printed advertising applications that top brands are already demanding for extra impact. Empower your customers to attract trade show visitors with customized 3D displays. Easily meet tight turnarounds, win more jobs, and dictate higher margins. Develop additional customer bases in adjacent 2D/3D markets

Full Size Mock-ups & Molds in Days, Not Weeks

Until now, there has been a recognized market gap when it comes to cost-effective production of full-scale, industrial prototypes, mock-ups, and tooling. Throughout multiple industries, traditional fabrication methods have involved clay, cardboard, metal, or foam. 3D Printing brings to market radical-speed for scale one prototypes, mock-ups, and tooling.

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