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Stereolithography (SLA)

When you need a part printed yesterday and delivered right now, Stereolithography is what you want to be looking at. It's a technology that produces great looking models with impeccable surface quality in no time.

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SLA 3D Printing
Ideas too large for a print bed?

Stereolithography, more commonly referred to as SLA 3D printing, is one of the most popular and widespread techniques in the world of additive manufacturing. It works by using a high-powered laser to harden liquid resin that is contained in a reservoir to create the desired 3D shape. In a nutshell, this process converts photosensitive liquid into 3D solid plastics in a layer-by-layer fashion using a low-power laser and photo polymerization.

  • Low Volume Production
  • Mock-up of actual product
  • Visual prototypes
  • Master pattern for Vacuum Casting
  • Sculpture master patterns
  • Crown & bridge model
  • Clear aligners models
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Technical Specification
Maximum Build Volume 600 x 650 x 400 mm dimensions are unlimited as components may be composed of several sub-parts
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.15% (with a lower limit of ± 0.2 mm)
Minimum Wall Thickness Minimum allowable thickness would be 1 - 3 mm (depending on part dimensions)
Surface Structure Unfinished parts typically have visible building layers on the surface but post-production finishes can achieve different effects, from high glosses to coarse textures. Stereolithography parts can be sandblasted, painted, varnished, covered, and coated.
Have any Questions or Suggestions? We would love to help you! Talk to us
White ABS
White ABS
  • PP like ABS Resin - Stiff and Strong Resin
  • Photo-cured polymer having good dimensional accuracy and smooth surface finish.

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Transparent  Clear ABS
Transparent Clear ABS
  • PC like Clear Resin
  • Translucent (60-70% transparency) material, which after post-processing can be made transparent (up to 95% transparency).

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