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Vacuum Casting (VC)

Vacuum Casting is a copying technique used for the production of small series of functional plastic parts. Using two-component polyurethanes and silicone molds, Vacuum Casting is known for its fast production of high-quality prototypes or end-use products.

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Low Volume Manufacturing
For small series with big impact

Silicone molding results in high-quality parts comparable to injection-molded components. This makes vacuum casted models especially suitable for fit and function testing, marketing purposes or a series of final parts in limited quantities. Vacuum Casting also lends itself well to a variety of finishing degrees, and we can match the finish you need for your parts.

  • Low Volume Production
  • Pre-launch product testing
  • Small series of housings and covers
  • Concept models and prototypes
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Technical Specification
Maximum Build Volume Dimensions are unlimited as components may be composed of several sub-parts. The build area of our largest machine is 700 x 900 x 750 mm
Dimensional Accuracy ±0.3% (with a lower limit of ± 0.3 mm on dimensions smaller than 100 mm
Minimum Wall Thicknes To ensure that the mold is filled properly, a wall thickness of at least 0.75 mm is necessary. For best results, we recommend a wall thickness of at least 1.5 mm
Surface Structure High-quality surface finish comparable to injection molding
Have any Questions or Suggestions? We would love to help you! Talk to us
Vacuum Casting Material
  • Rubber-like polyurethanes, ABS-like polyurethanes, PE/PP-like polyurethanes
  • Materials provide an outstanding variety of properties and offer the possibility to match colours and cast transparent components.

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